Creature VI: H2OHH / Riff-Raff (SEA)


this month we’re diving into the deepest, darkest depths for Creature VI: H2OHHH. if you’ve ever watched even one ocean documentary you know how queer it gets down there -- creepy-beautiful things that make it work under a lot of pressure, cute bioluminescent head pieces, more tentacles than you’d know what to do with …

we also have another very special guest: DJ Riff-Raff is coming down from Seattle where they throw one of the west coast’s most beautiful queer af parties -- night crush.

siren4siren // clam4clam // seapunk4seapunk // tentacle4tentacle // lure4lure // gills4gills // blowhole4blowhole // fin4fin // scale4scale // jaws4jaws


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