Queer Writer Salon at The STUD


Come join us for happy hour at the STUD for some focused writing time in a co-working environment!

Are you working on an article, blog, poetry, non-fiction, school paper, think-piece, resume, journaling, letters, or whatever? Don't consider yourself a writer but want to start? Are you an experienced writer but would like to do it in a less solitary environment?

Instead of just thinking about writing come join us and get some real writing done. No one will see what you have written or give you unsolicited advice.

6:00 PM Get comfy, coffee, drinks, then quick intros: "I'm Marion and I will be working on some observational journaling."

6:15 PM Timer starts: write for 90 minutes

7:45 PM Times up: quick check in: "It took a minute to get started but I feel that I have made some progress with descriptive language."

8:00 PM Salon officially ends and may unofficially continue (Keep writing and/or socializing at the bar).

BEING LATE IS OKAY: just show up and get settled, then check-in with us after the session. If you were on time, please be willing to make room for the friendly latecomer.

Some notes:

This is a bar! A 21 and over establishment.

Please plan on purchasing a beverage to support the venue. They are offering to host us with the assumption that we will be good for business.

For those that don't drink or who don't drink and write they will have coffee available for purchase at the bar.

I will bring paper and writing utensils for anyone to use.
Happy hour at the STUD is generally a quieter time but bring earbuds/earplugs if you want to block the bars overhead music or the conversations of other patrons.

It is advisable to fully charge the batteries of your devices before coming out.

Accessibility: There are two steps leading up to the club at the entrance on Harrison near Gordon. There's a second entrance that is wheelchair accessible on the corner of Harrison and 9th. If you'd like to use this entrance, you can, at any time, please feel free to reach out to us here and we can coordinate to make sure there's somebody stationed at the Ninth Street door for your arrival.

A ramp with a slight incline connects the dance floor and the main bar area. None of the bathrooms are gendered and there is one, larger single-use bathroom. However, none of the restrooms at the moment are equipped with handlebars. The Stud Collective is working to make their bathrooms more accessible in the near future.


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