A Million Cats Cat Walk


I'm Aspire to become candidate for one of the top reigning titles of Sf Grand Ducal Court. My name is Lexi Shimmers. I've been active in the organization since 2011 when I ran for queen of hearts. Now your little girl is grown up with aspirations to live up to her fullest potential. My platform is to raise awareness of suicide prevention Hate Crime reduction and Resistance strategies to protect legislation for LGBTQI Civil Rights both regionally and globally.

I am The Dame Commander of the Royal Empire and raised funds for the Transgender Law Center this year.

I love the character cat woman and the cat woman Goddesses of Africa and Asia who represented as Warriors Protectors and symbolized Victory in battle.

Please join me in front of the LGBTQI Center and Let's Walk A Mile to Raise Awareness for Suicide Prevention Hate Crime Reduction and Political Resistance with the Warrior spirit of the Cat Goddess.

More info to come


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