Club Poppers Thursday // Trever Pearson + Power Top Ramen


@Anomalia_T && @MilitiaSTowers present

++++ || Club Poppers || ++++

FREE IN DRAG // FREE BEFORE 10 // $5 cover // 2-4-1 Drinks // $2 Popper Shots

Thursday nights @ QBarSF, 9p-2a, is your place to DANCE, CONNECT, & SUPPORT queer artists. Come do all the things your cant tell Mom and Dad about.

Club Poppers holds space for POP-in performance---every hour, on the hour at 11, 12, & 1. You want to perform and make some coin, bring your track on a thumb drive or phone, unlocked. Just leave them gagggingggg--our only request!

[[ On Deck, Thursday JULY 20TH]]

DJ Trever Pearson //
Trever Pearson is a San Francisco based DJ with a music history spanning 3 decades. It was his discovery of deep house however, that changed the course of his creative self expression. As resident DJ in his new role curating the musical aesthetic for Comfort & Joy, a queer arts collective with a strong presence at Burning Man, Trever is up and coming in the San Francisco house music scene with a unique sound along a spectrum of color.

&& your resident DJ: Power Top Ramen // Maha Wam

Images by: Lucas Francisco
IG: @lllfrancisco


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