FuKR SF Jock/Gear Party by DILF & Joe Whitaker


Joe Whitaker, DILF & MAN UPP Presents...

FuKR SF JOCK/GEAR PARTY coming in September to SAN FRANCISCO and the Oasis to begin our NEW MONTHLY SAN FRANCISCO PARTY!

Join us for a night of HOT MUSIC, HOT MEN & HOT FUN in your JOCK & GEAR!

MUSIC this Month by DJ MAX BRUCE of Los Angeles! Come out for the sleaziest, funkiest, banging-est tech house in town!

HOSTS: Ken Wells, Blake Blackwell, Tor Holger Keeslar, John C. Fry, Peter J. McQuaid, Christopher Lindes, John Piampiano, Keith Roberti, Kurt Kühn, Collin Boudreaux.

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