Dust off your CROP TOP!


It's Crop Top, OASIS' most delectable daytime rooftop party!

We've been getting reeeeeal dusty out in certain areas of the Nevada desert and we've got LOTS to catch up on!

Come decompress with us in your favorite crop top or desert daytime lewk. Of course you can bring a regular old shirt and we'll help you turn it into a crop at our CROP TOP station! Plenty of #croptions for you to lewk cyoot.

++ shimmering sunshine beats featuring BRIAN URMANITA (Mystopia Camp) ++

** CROP TOP making station **

// RISQUÉ Polaroid moments happening all day //

:: super adorable T-Rains / CROP TOP limited edition merchandise for sale ::


DRINK $PECIALS and much more!

CROP TOP welcomes humans of all colors and shapes and sizes, from the dudliest-dudes to the queeniest-queens, and everything in between! "There's no wrong way to crop a top" is our motto.

$10 at the door, or get your tix ahead of time through the Oasis website.

No guest list, just your smiling daytime mug.


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