AMC Dine-In Kabuki 8 Formerly: Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

100% love it
Revolutionary movie house
AMC Dine-In is a truly amazing movie going experience. With assigned seating, a cocktail bar and the ability to drink and dine in theater, seeing a flick just got a whole new level of luxury.


    • altdaron
      altdaron Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Venue
      Great for your first date or your 50th. Assigned seating for the movie means you can relax and enjoy drinks, food and conversation before the movie.

    • Scott
      Scott Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best place to see a movie
      I'm a huge fan of Sundance Cinemas. You can go online and pick out your seats ahead of time, so no worries about getting there super early. The seats are large and comfortable and in some theatres have tables next to your chair for your popcorn and drinks. Best of all, the upstairs theatres sell wine to make it a perfect evening. And don't let the name fool you, it's not all indy films here, it's the mainstream stuff too.

    • lawrence.gordon1
      lawrence.gordon1 Over a year ago

      The bathrooms need a remodel.

    • myketv
      myketv Over a year ago

      Don't sit in the front row of the balcony. There's a bar, but not the drinking kind.

    • T.Lo
      T.Lo Over a year ago

      Mostly locals great space since its been renovated. Love going here on the weekends to avoid bridge and tunnel!!!

    • Marconi
      Marconi Over a year ago

      Sundance Kitchenomics
      Where's the best way to eat before or right after a great foreign and Hollywood films? Where else at the Sundance Kitchen right below the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas at the Post St close to Japantown. The bar and restaurant is cozy for cold customers from the chilly weather. Menu is fusion food such as Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese and of course American. Great service from the staff and a place for claustrophobic eaters. The place has high ceilings and wider table arrangements. The drinks selection is excellent for being well mixed and appeals to the discriminating palates of cocktail lovers.