Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant

100% love it
Islamic Chinese food
Unorthodox (pun intended) fusion of Chinese and Islamic food. The restaurant is in the outer Sunset, so a long cab ride or a trip on the N Judah muni train are you best bets for getting there.
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    • Marconi
      Marconi Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Chinese-Halal Anyone?
      Yes. I can't believe it either. I've had great and delectable Chinese food in authentic Chinese restaurants but this one is something new to me. Chinese restaurant that serves halal or prayed over meat? As Chinese food is known for pork cuisines, this restaurant doesn't serve pork for obvious reasons. The hotpot is amazingly deelish! The flour ball (sounds like a Power Puff Girl character) is a must-order. Lastly, the lamb dimsum. OMG. Yes, I called God when I had my first bite. It was so good! Come to think of it, I should've called Allah. Excellent Chinese restaurant proven by its consistent inclusion to the top 100 Chinese restaurants across the nation. According to the owner, the place is starting to get smaller due to its growing popularity in the city.