Pilsner Inn

97% love it
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Darts, pool and beer
Nearly mistakable for a college town pub, this place has games, spirits and a popular back patio.


    • ctrever23
      ctrever23 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friendliest bar in town
      Just visiting for 5 days. Came here for the last 4. Not the busiest nor the home of the 'in' crowd, but I had more patrons make me feel welcome here than any other place in SF.

    • davemcmahon
      davemcmahon Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Pilsner inn
      Friendly gay dive bar with an excellent patio!

    • twinky
      twinky Over a year ago
      Hates it

      well i'm new
      but i will be there soon i need soe one showed me around .i'm single i love white guys i do anything to be someone slave

    • scottcalvin
      scottcalvin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Guys, Relaxed and Chill
      There's a pool table up front, patio area out back, and a bunch of down-to-earth guys. Always a great place to grab a drink and the beginning or end of the night, and less crowded than the main Castro strip. I met a future ex-boyfriend at the Pilsner - definitely an easy place to strike up a conversation. Great bloody mary's, too (if you get the right bartender).

    • msiaguy
      msiaguy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Welcoming and Friendly Low-Key Bar on Church
      Friendly and unpretentious patrons are always hanging out at this bar. The drinks are good, and there is a nice back patio for those who like the outdoor atmopshere (if you don't mind cigarette smoke). Very mixed group of gays and lesbians who are here for a drink or two while playing some pool, and watching sports on the TV that hang over the bar. If you're looking for a loud music and topless boys, try another bar as you'll only find a relax and friendly crowd who just want to talk and laugh the night away.

    • KevinGoebel
      KevinGoebel Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Love the patio
      I rarely go to the Pilsner Inn, as it is a little off the beaten path for me (other Castro bars are closer) and can sometimes be a bit quiet (I've always said it's a "bring your own crowd" kind of place). The patio in the back looks like it could be someone's backyard (in a good way), with lots of potted plants and a small koi pond. But my favorite bit about the Pilsner is that they have lemonade on tap, which is a delightful mixer with vodka on a hot afternoon.

    • Gr8Karma
      Gr8Karma Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great local neighborhood chill bar
      One of my favorite haunts to hit if Im on the mood to relax with good friends, drinks, and meet regular non attitude local people. Love the outdoor patio along with the pool table. Bartenders are attentive and pour a good drink. Only issue is the tin roof which makes the place BOIL in the warmer times of the year!

    • smartissexy
      smartissexy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Where the locals drink.
      If you're willing to eschew the glitz & glam of a hot Saturday in the Castro, wander down to the always popular, never pretentious Pilsner Inn. Warren, the handsome chocolatey bartender, makes a delicious Manhattan.

    • sfgam
      sfgam Over a year ago
      Loves it

      An unpretentious bar
      A down to earth and unpretentious bar. It is at a convenient location for non-drivers because you could take buses, street cars and Muni to get there. The parking could be difficult from early evening on because it is located on Church and Market. Try finding parking on Delores Street. This is another option when you want to get away from the Castro which is walking distant (10 minutes). It is also a nice place to have a drink while you wait for a table at Chows (which is a nice restaurant next door).

    • RinconJohn
      RinconJohn Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Try going to Church
      When you get tired of the central Castro scene, check out the great bars and restaurants around Church and Market Streets. The Pilsner is a mellow neighborhood joint with good service. They're known for their beers, but they also have Pyrat XO, my favorite rum! The patio is lovely on warmer nights and not too smoky. Should you decide on more than a liquid dinner, there's a very good restaurant next door.

    • NY2CA
      NY2CA Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Pilsner Inn is the best
      This is a wonderful neighborhood bar. Friendly and mixed group. Mostly gay men, but lots of Lesbians and straight folks, too. All are welcome. Highly recommend!

    • 8inFunjack
      8inFunjack Over a year ago
      Loves it

      OK, Love the Place, BUT...
      ...Always been comfy there 'till recently. I guess its because there are a few (V. few..) men who hog the pool table (old & needs replacement) & clique-ish behaviour, enuf to make one feel unwelcome at times. All in all, you'll like the rest of the place.

    • PowerAction
      PowerAction Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This bar rawks!
      There's a spot where you can "people watch" the passers-by. The bar is frequently lively. There's a nice pool table. The backyard/patio is comfy and well decorated. I've never had a bad time at the Pils.

    • Dexter
      Dexter Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Neighborhood Bar.
      I love this bar! It's a neighborhood place that draws in a local crowd. The back porch itself is incredible...luch plants and even a pond with gold fish. The crowd is preppy to levi. The bartenders have been there for awhile and if you're a regular you can generous pours on drinks. It gets very crowded on the weekends but that makes it even more fun. It's off the beaten path of the castro but worht the effort to walk a few more blocks.

    • Eric
      Eric Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good mix of ages
      The Pilsner is located just a few block outside of "Castro proper" which makes it a heck of a lot more appealing. (less of a "suburb" crowd like the Cafe...)Mostly local guys ranging from mid 20's to late 40's/early 50's, not too girl oriented. As a matter of fact, I've never seen many girls there, so probably best to leave your fag hags at home. The bar itself is a little small, but they have a nice pool table and a killer backyard area which gets really crowded during the summer. Very casual, levi's crowd looking to hook up (aka not a lot of posers standing around). Definitely worth a visit.