L'Ardoise Bistro

84% love it
A delicious meal written on a chalk board
L'Ardoise (pronounced Lard-Wazz) means 'chalkboard' in French. And like many Parisian cafes, L'Ardoise's menu is written on chalkboards. The ambiance is cozy and convivial and the menu contains many French favorites.


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    • Romantic off-Castro Traditional French
      This small & cozy traditional French restaurant is in Duboce Triangle North on Noe from Market Street by just a few blocks. I enjoyed our table by the window. We ordered the tiger prawn ravioli since I’ve read so many rave reviews on it. Well – it was very good with it’s creamy white sauce, but nothing spectacular. I ordered a goat special, with side of green beans. Also tasty & perfectly cooked, but no special sauce or flavor that really permeates. The Cotes du Rhone red was sumptuous – earthy and rich.

    • tallamericano
      tallamericano Over a year ago
      Loves it

      If this were a neighborhood in Paris...
      You'd be thrilled to find this place (and you'd not blink at the prices). This is a charming, authentic-feeling bistro in a shaded block of Noe, just off Market.