DNA Lounge

100% love it
Late-night DJs & pizza
DNA Lounge has been providing a good time to a mixed crowd for decades. This club boasts four dance floors, two stages and seven bars. DNA Pizza, their street-level restaurant and cafe, is open after hours.


    • DJdanny
      DJdanny Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Cool Vibe @ New Wave City
      DNA Lounge has a cool vibe. Clean modern disco with 2 floor dance levels with a high-up stage and video screens. I attended "New Wave City." Colorful, cheerful crowd. Most everybody dancing. Mixed crowd, about 1/2 gay of nice looking men.

    • DNA_Lounge
      DNA_Lounge Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Home Of Trannyshack, Bootie, and more
      While not a full-on gay bar, DNA Lounge is the home of Trannyshack and Bootie, as well as hosting Emergency Fund Benefit, and several other gay events. The staff and crowds are over all quite gay-friendly.