The EndUp

99% love it
Where everyone ends up
This electric SoMa dive bar is known to keep the party going long after other bars have closed for the night.


    • Furrymuscle
      Furrymuscle Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fave Dance Club for SERIOUS DANCERS
      I haven't been in awhile but I'm going back very soon! LOVELOVELOVE this club! Best Dance Club in the CITY!

    • jeremydavidsf
      jeremydavidsf Over a year ago

      Glitter Ricky plays some excellent techno. I might be biased but its the truth.

    • DJdanny
      DJdanny Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Sunday Tea Dance
      Always love getting in around noon, get a drink, and start dancing! Love the outdoor patio area. A tradition that lives on. Always a diverse mix of colors and flavah o' people. Who knows who will be 'Ending up' there? A bit dingy inside. Friendly bartenders. LOUD SOUND SYSTEM! :)

    • LonelyAsian
      LonelyAsian Over a year ago
      Loves it

      ShangriLa is awesome
      I am very impressed with this club. I go there for ShangriLa, and the place is packed. The live performance at midnight is always fun. The patio is very big. Have a great time, and definitely coming back.

    • sharpsuitman
      sharpsuitman Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Dj KioKio
      This place rocks when KioKio is in the house.

      LJPASKOW Over a year ago
      Loves it

      If im there, im prolly f*cked up
      Plays house music usually will find a few tweekers but mostly just a chill crowd and people that love to dance. By the time the sun comes up you feel like zombies and you can start drinking again. If your into drugs prolly not the hardest place to find some Cool patio and water fall also upstairs cabana Kinda expensive to get in but if you want a cool after hours place that place house dance music you will like it

    • msiaguy
      msiaguy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      You'll Always Endup Here!
      Endup is the place to go to wrap-up a long week of work and a few hours of fun in Castro or SoMa. The DJ and music is always popping, and the drinks are always strong and delicious. Boys are plenty and hot (and sweaty); as they shake their booties on the multiple dance floors. There's always a line after midnight (and even longer after 2am); so if you don't want to wait, get there prior to that and you get in free as well (instead of $20). Only wished they serve alcohol past 2am since the party continue to rock till the late morning! But I suppose we'll have to take on the city's restrictive liquor laws to get that done!

    • AK_Cruiser
      AK_Cruiser Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Crowded but not sure what the scene is here
      On a Sunday evening we hit this place after a late dinner, I think we should have ended here rather than starting. It was getting pretty crowded and it a multi-mixed crowd. Doesn't seem all that gay, no bad vibes. The $15 cover charge was a bit exhorbitant I think but maybe it would have been worth it if we stuck around later. One thing, this place like many other SF dives is very dirty, we sat down at a table that needed some serious cleaning. My buddy got some nasty stuff on the seat of his pants...from the looks of thing I don't think this place has a cleaning staff. The outdoor deck is very large and is a great place to hang...if the place had some good management it could be a decent and fun spot to hang.

    • timeless origin of dance and soul
      I have coming to this place for over 17 years and although i'm older I never feel old here. This place is transformative where song and dance trends originate and always the best dj,s in the country believe it or not? Wow, where can you find old black women dancing and young gay men.Truly a place of the soul.

    • PowerAction
      PowerAction Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I've got a love/hate thing goin' on
      On the plus side, great music, diverse crowd, attractive patio, nice dance-floor and the lesbian bartenders mix a potent drink. On the down side, the security are jerks, there are occasional problems with drug O.D.'s, the cover charge leans slightly towards expensive, and the crowd (particularly past 2am) can sometimes get crunchy, cranky, weird or a little pretentious. I've had some wonderful dance experiences here and some scandalous times. Fag Fridays, my favorite event here, has recently placed an ad that they will be leaving the End-Up in mid-October 2007.

    • ReycerX
      ReycerX Over a year ago
      Loves it

      You like to dance? This is the place! My gay and straight friends from all over the globe come here and we all party up a storm. You can go dancing on Sunday afternoon and it feels like a pumped up Saturday night. They have an outside patio with just enough sunlight to remind you it's only 3pm and your working up a sweat on the dance floor.

    • nevsf
      nevsf Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Tales of the City had to be edited because of this
      Where else can you party it up with a parking ticket's throw of the San Francisco Courthouse? The crowd is a diverse as a bacterial colony on a week-old doughnut. This is where young gay men came to grow up and grow old. Bring friends only if you're prepared to lose them.