The Monster Show: The Match Game


And next up on GGSN, the Gay Game Show Network, we have everyone's favorite late night game that tests if you're drunk enough to think like a drag queen...The Match Game with your special host Chris Sams! Brought to you by our proud sponsor The Monster Show: The Monster Show we bring you more ridiculous by midnight Thursday than other drag shows do all weekend. And by Broad Game: Play with a drag queen, you'll be glad you did! For more Broad Games events remember to join and subcribe!

This week's local celebrity panel...

Sugah Betes


Sue Casa

Raya Light

Mutha Chucka


Lady Bear

We will open the studio doors at 9pm so the audience can file in and enjoy the host tracks of that smokin' DJ MC2. You'll be able to grab your cocktail right away from our boys of the bar, Jeff Scott, Erick Lopez, and sexy Dominic. We will be starting at 10:15, so get those drinks, grab a seat and get ready to play The Match Game!

Our door diva Dean DeeLeit will be taking your $5 right there in front of the Edge, and we thank you for supporting nightlife in San Francisco. And don't forget to give some love to our security cublet, Joseph Imonti-Cortes, as he is keeping us safe all night long!

We will see you this Thursday!


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