The Monster Show: Lorde & Taylor (Swift)


If you got Bad Blood, it's time to Shake It Off and enjoy a night of great music. Out there things may be tough, but every Thursday at The Edge you're all Royals. But, in your Wildest Dreams would you ever think this night would get a Green Light anywhere else in the City? No, because this crazy Team at The Monster Show, the most ridiculous drag show in San Francisco, is the only place you'll get a show like Lorde & Taylor (Swift). Your hostess this week is the irrepressible (believe me we've tried) Sue Casa! Come check out what the girls get up to this week

This week's stars of the Monster Show stage:
Lady Jellyfish
Cassidy LeBlanc
Cristal Guysir
Andromeda (Adrian Deeve)
Albatrocity (Diogo Zavadzki)
Roxy Cotton-Candy (David Varela)

We will get the party started at 9pm so you can enjoy the best beats of DJ MC2. You'll be able to grab your cocktail right away from our boys of the bar,Jeff , Erick, and sexy Dominic. We will be starting right at 10, so get those drinks, grab a seat and get ready to watch The Monster Show!

Our door diva Michael will be taking your $5 right there in front of the Edge, and we thank you for supporting nightlife in San Francisco. And don't forget to give some love to our hansome security, Justin, as he is keeping us safe all night long!

And make sure to check out all our fun pics taken by the one and only Gooch!

We will see you this Thursday!


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