The Monster Show: Smashing Pumpkin Spice Girls


Stop what you're doing and listen up, becuse it it time to Spice Up Your Life. Do you know what Today is? It's the greatest day you've every known! You see we Know you Wannabe at The Edge this Thursday so Say You Will Be There. You see Tonight, Tonight The Monster Show is bringing you Smashing Pumpkin Spice Girls. It's gonna be two 90's music titans that have nithing in common coming together in a way you never asked for. How/why do we come up with these themes? You can ask your hostess Sue Casa,who has gathered up some of the best queens just for you!

This week's stars of the Monster Show stage
Miss Monstrosity (Mish Opdyk)
Hollow Eve (Caitlin Crandall)
Lotta Dee (Jeffrey Hodges)
Kelly Rose
Cristal Guysir
Lucy Loose (Paoi Ernest)

We will get the party started at 9pm so you can enjoy the best beats of DJ MC2. You'll be able to grab your cocktail right away from our boys of the bar,Jeff , Erick, and sexy Dominic. We will be starting right at 10, so get those drinks, grab a seat and get ready to watch The Monster Show!

Our door diva Michael will be taking your $5 right there in front of the Edge, and we thank you for supporting nightlife in San Francisco. And don't forget to give some love to our hansome security, Cain, as he is keeping us safe all night long!

And make sure to check out all our fun pics taken by the one and only award winning photographer, Gooch!

We will see you this Thursday!


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