Frances (Closed Temporarily)

100% love it
GayCities Members report that Frances is temporarily closed, let us know if it has re-opened
French-inspired Cali cuisine
On a quaint backstreet in the bustling neighborhood, this restaurant shines. Always packed with many diners and many nightly menu additions, this is a foodie favorite of the Castro.


    • Scott
      Scott Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fine dining in the Castro
      The Castro is not known for good food, but Frances changed all that. Amazing food, can't-miss desserts and smart wine choices. All in a small neighborhood feel. Still hard to get reservations but come right when they open or on the late side for one of the 3-4 counter seats.

    • delrsf
      delrsf Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Castro's best restaurant
      After 15 years in San Francisco and countless subpar meals at the next "hot" restaurants that sprung up to go for the gay dollar (Mecca, anyone?), I am here to say that we now have a top-tier offering that is sure to delight for years to come. Frances is, in a word, fantastic. It's everything a neighborhood restaurant should be. Intimate, comfortable, reasonably priced and DELICIOUS. The place encourages you to order an array of nibbles, small plates and main courses to share with your fellow diners and the food is so good it makes you want to order more. We loved the small plates, which focused so well on seasonal ingredients (the menu always changes, but there seem to be a few constants like the fabulous bacon beignets). And Frances satisfyingly showcases a new trend in restaurants: wine poured from a tap that is just as good as much more expensive offerings at other places (just $1 per ounce). The only downside of this place is that the word of how good it is has gone out, so plan well ahead and book those reservations!