Does Your Mother Know

100% love it
Sex shop, some souvenirs
Castro's one-stop-shop for ball gags, gag gifts, dildos and more.


    • GlenParkJames
      GlenParkJames Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Dildos, Jocks, and More! Oh, My!
      A wide array of toys, supplies, and apparel at great prices. Friendly and cute staff. A true Castro gem.

    • LonelyAsian
      LonelyAsian Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The place to buy sex toys
      This is the biggest sex toys shop in the Castro. You can find all sorts of sex toys from e-stims to bondage rope and handcuffs. The staffs are really helpful and knowledgeable in the products. The store has a big selections of lubes, and you can actually test the different lubes before you buy. The shop does not only sells sex toys. It also sells food products such as penis shaped pasta and penis shaped cake baking mold.