100% love it
The chain's location in the Castro's got more character than your usual Starbucks. With rotating local art and a constant bear scene crowding outside, the baristas here are known for receiving the best tips in San Francisco.


    • MoFo63
      MoFo63 Over a year ago

      Sometime s people watch is fantastic here

    • splendabear
      splendabear Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It's A great Starbucks
      Very community based. THe coffee is okay and better priced then the new Hipster locations. The Castro is over saturated with Coffee places. Formally Pasqua this is where all the bears gather prior to going to The 440 or The Edge. Then later to SOMA bars.

    • Scott
      Scott Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Neighborhood Bearbucks
      For years this Starbucks earned the nickname "Bear Bucks" for the crowd it attracted. After a recent remodel, there's less place to sit around and hang out (a shame really). But the staff here is super friendly (and mostly gay) and there's still a really nice feeling of community.

    • lawrence.gordon1
      lawrence.gordon1 Over a year ago

      The gayest little Starbucks on planet earth

    • NickStarr
      NickStarr Over a year ago

      This place is better known as Bearbucks...